Lisätty 10.11.2021.

Current coronavirus recommendations and restrictions in place for the Länsi-Pohja Hospital District

Updated on: 10 November 2021

There may be delays in the updating of the translated versions. You can find up-to-date information in Finnish from the website of the Länsi-Pohja Hospital District.

The coronavirus situation in the Länsi-Pohja area is currently in the community transmission phase.

A strong recommendation for remote working and an equally strong recommendation for using face masks will be implemented across the entire Länsi-Pohja area. The use of face masks is recommended for any close contact situations in the workplace and educational institutions starting at the secondary school level. This form of protection is particularly important for people with inadequate vaccination protection.

Do not go to work or school if you are feeling ill, and even if you experience the mildest of symptoms you should avoid all contact with other people and seek a coronavirus test.

Quarantine practices for schoolchildren are being changed. The aim is to ensure that the education of children and young people experience as little school interruption as possible. In the future, the main focus on exposure situations will be on leisure time contact of primary and secondary school pupils. The aim is to avoid quarantine of entire classes and to focus only on high-risk situations at the discretion of the infectious disease physician. The change does not apply to any previously commenced quarantine.

The Regional Pandemic Working Group recommends municipalities to limit participation in public gatherings and public events. The municipalities decide on the actual public gathering restrictions and these will enter into force when they are dealt with in municipal decision-making.

The safe coronavirus vaccine is recommended for all people over 12 years of age. The vaccine does not completely prevent infection, but provides very effective protection against serious illness related to the COVID-19 infection.

Restrictions of visits to social and health care units and similar establishments. Visits must always be agreed with the social and health care unit in question. Visitors must be asymptomatic. Face masks must always be used during these visits by all attending. Hand hygiene and safe distancing recommendations must also be observed. These operational units are responsible for the safe planning and implementation of visits. If necessary, you can seek advice and support for these matters from the hygiene nurses of the Infection Control Unit of the Länsi-Pohja Central Hospital.

The health safety instructions for the tourism and restaurant sector in the Lapland region can be found on the website.

For travel, the recommendation is that the epidemic situation in the destination must be taken into account.  Instructions for border crossing are available on the Border Guard website.

Prevention: If you experience symptoms, stay at home, do the Omaolo test and arrange to have a coronavirus test, if necessary. Always take good care of hand hygiene and maintain safe distances. Download the Koronavilkku app. Avoid all unnecessary close contact with others.

Treatment of other diseases: Take care of your existing illness and seek examination and treatment with long-term symptoms.