Lisätty 25.11.2021.

Help for the traveller who has received a positive COVID-19 test result

Lapland Hospital District 25 November 2021

This person must remain isolated as soon as the positive result is obtained. He/she should inform all accompanying travellers of the situation as soon as possible, so that they can also stay in quarantine. The health authority (infectious disease nurse) is in contact with you as soon as they receive a positive sample, normally on the same day as the test, but at least within 24 hours, and will ask how you are feeling, takes details of close contacts, and asks how suitable the accommodation is for quarantine. The close contacts will also be contacted and the need for their quarantine will be assessed.

The person who has obtained a positive coronavirus test result should be the first person to determine whether he/she can remain isolated in his/her current accommodation. If it is not possible to quarantine in the current accommodation, the COVID-19 patient or one of their close contacts must arrange alternative accommodation suitable for isolation. If no suitable isolation accommodation is found, please contact the local social care on-duty.

Apart from family members who are staying in the same accommodation, the person infected the COVID-19 virus must avoid all contact with other people.  

Requirements for isolation and quarantine accommodation:

  • Room with toilet and shower facilities for one person/family
  • Contact-free in-room catering is arranged

Infection Control Unit

Lapland Hospital District