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Coronavirus situation in Lapland now

Wednesday 23 September 2020

Over the past couple of weeks (9–22 September), Lapland has had a total of five (5) confirmed COVID-19 cases. 

Four (4) virus infections have been verified in the Lapland Healthcare District, one of which was with a patient from another locality. Over the past couple of weeks, the incidence of the virus in the healthcare district is 2.5 infections per 100,000 inhabitants.

One (1) coronavirus case was verified in the Länsi-Pohja Healthcare District, meaning that the incidence of the virus in the Länsi-Pohja Healthcare District is 1.7 infections per 100,000 inhabitants over the last two weeks. The sources of these infections came from chains of transmission outside of Lapland. Dozens of people who have been exposed to these infections and infections elsewhere in Finland have been quarantined. This is an effort to maintain the calm situation in Lapland. Some parts of Finland have shown an increase in the number of infections, which is partly explained by group exposure.

Instructions Principle guidelines in Lapland:

1. Take the coronavirus test

If you fall ill, even if you have mild symptoms, go for a coronavirus test and stay isolated until you receive the results of the test. There is a very low threshold for tests – make an appointment for your coronavirus test with your local health centre. Find the contact details for your locality from the section “Ask for advice or book an appointment for a coronavirus test.

2. Maintain a safe distance at all times

Adhere to social distancing rules in shops and public gatherings outdoors and indoors. Try to avoid all public gatherings.

3. Use a face mask

Face masks are recommended in the following situations:

  • When using public transport
  • When leaving home for a coronavirus test.
  • Passengers arriving in Finland from a risk area making their way from the place of arrival to quarantine or who they have an urgent reason to spend time outside the home during quarantine.
  • In all other situations, with indoor gatherings where close contacts cannot always be avoided.
  • If you belong to one of the risk groups, in addition to other precautions, use a face mask in shops, public indoor areas, public transport and other similar situations to make sure you are protected. The use of a surgical nose and mouth face mask is recommended.

The use of a face mask shows consideration for others and should be practiced. When the infection situation changes in Lapland, we will provide more recommendations, if necessary.

4. Cough in the correct way

Cough or sneeze into a disposable handkerchief or your own sleeve.

5. Take care of hand hygiene

Make sure you wash or disinfect your hands many times a day. A pocket-sized bottle of disinfectant is easy to carry with you!

7. Care

Don’t leave anyone alone, let’s take care of each other and enjoy life.