Thursday 10 March 2022

Do not go to any public places if you are ill. If you have mild symptoms that indicate the coronavirus, stay at home, and check the test criteria for your home municipality.
If you get a positive result from the COVID-19 test, stay at home for five days, counted from the time symptoms began. People who have the virus are not isolated, but are treated in accordance with normal sick leave practices.
Continue to maintain safe distancing of at least 2 metres, take care of hand and cough hygiene and the use of a face mask in all public indoor areas and on public transport where safe distancing cannot be adhered to.

Links about the current situation:

Lapland Hospital District

(information as of 10 March)
The Lapland Hospital District no longer reports the number of new coronavirus infections. In the future, the status of the departmental workload will be communicated on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. This figure includes potential intensive care patients as well as patients admitted for other reasons who have later been found to have the coronavirus.

The incidence rate based on the last two weeks (21 February – 6 March) is 803.5 per 100,000 inhabitants.
The incidence rate based on one week (28 February – 6 March) is 254.1 per 100,000 inhabitants.
This incidence rate also includes cases of patients who live outside the Lapland Hospital District area. For this reason, the figure can differ from that announced by the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare (THL) that does not count those living outside of Lapland. 

The Lapland Hospital District is in the community transmission phase of the epidemic.

Currently, 12 coronavirus-positive patients are being treated in hospital

DateCoronavirus-positive patients receiving treatment (Lapland Central Hospital/LKS)
Thursday 10 March12
Monday 7 March10
Friday 4 March4
Wednesday 2 March5
Monday 28 February11
Friday 25 February10
Wednesday 23 February7
Monday 21 February9
Friday 18 February10
Development of hospital pressure at the Lapland Central Hospital

Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare (THL): This is how to use a face mask correctly

Current vaccination coverage (updated on 9 March)

For those aged 18 years or olderLapland Hospital DistrictLänsi-Pohja Hospital DistrictWhole of Finland
1st dose89.9%89.1%88.6%
2nd dose87.6%86.7%86.3%
3nd dose62.5%61.6%61.3%
Vaccination coverage in the population for people aged 18 years or over
Whole populationLapland Hospital DistrictLänsi-Pohja Hospital DistrictWhole of Finland
1st dose81.6%79.5%79.4%
2nd dose77.8%75.7%75.6%
3nd dose51.7%50.4%50.0%
Vaccination coverage for the whole population


Länsi-Pohja Hospital District

(information as of 2 March)

If you experience symptoms, stay at home, do the Omaolo test and arrange to have a coronavirus test, if necessary. Always take good care of hand hygiene and maintain safe distances. Download the Koronavilkku app. Avoid all unnecessary close contact with others.

The hospital district will no longer publish the numbers of new infections, but in the future, the epidemic situation and its development will be monitored according to the strain put on hospitals.

The Länsi-Pohja Hospital District is currently in the community transmission phase of the epidemic.

Peak of the epidemic soon here – COVID-19 safety measures must not be forgotten (Wednesday 2 March)

The Länsi-Pohja Hospital District is now close to the peak of the epidemic. Last week a total of 1,100 new infections were confirmed in the area. For 53% of those tested, the result was positive. However, the number of new infections no longer reflects the true epidemic situation, as it is no longer necessary to seek a COVID-19 test. There are far more infections than the official figures indicate.

The pressure put on the hospital has been very high over the past few weeks. Currently, there are 33 patients in the Länsi-Pohja Hospital District, seven of these are being treated in the Central Hospital. Intensive care is also being used. There are 25 patients currently receiving treatment in health centres wards, of which five are primarily being treated for other reasons but have also contracted the COVID-19 virus. The situation of hospital care is also hampered by the high level of sick leave among staff.

Remote working and face mask recommendation continues in the Länsi-Pohja Hospital District

On the national level, COVID-19 restrictions have already started to be lifted, but in the Länsi-Pohja Hospital District, it has been decided to continue the recommendation for remote working until the end of March. The use of a face mask for close contact with others is also strongly recommended.

The decision issued by the Regional State Administrative Agency for Lapland is in force for the Lapland Region, which allows for the arrangement of public meetings and public gatherings, providing that the organiser has arranged its activities in the premises in such a way that the risk of infection through close contact can be prevented. This decision is valid through to the end of March.

In addition, vaccination is still strongly recommended. The vaccines provide protection against the very serious forms of the disease and also help to manage the pressure put on hospitals. Vaccination appointments are well available in all municipalities. In recent weeks, there have also been a large number of unused vaccination times.

In the Länsi-Pohja Hospital District, a decision has been made to relinquish the isolation orders for social and health care employees starting from 2 March 2022. In terms of controlling the epidemic, specific decisions are no longer relevant, as normal sick leave practices are sufficient.

There is conflicting information about home tests carried out by pupils, students, and school staff in the region. The Regional Pandemic Working Group states that home tests are not recommended for asymptomatic children. According to instructions issued by the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare (THL), a pupil, student or a member of the school staff should perform a home test if they have symptoms related to COVID-19.

If the home test result is positive, it shall be treated in the same way as if a positive result was received from an official test. After receiving a positive test result, you must avoid all contact with other people for a period of five days.