Wednesday 23 December 2020

The translated version of the coronavirus review for Lapland is published once a week. Koronaturvallinen Lappi is now on Facebook. We have once again commenced the Välitä (Care) campaign on a number of media platforms to remind people about coronavirus safety.

Here you will find coronavirus test contact information for all municipalities of Lapland

Official instructions from Lapland to travellers who suspect they may have caught the coronavirus

For domestic travellers travelling to the Lapland Hospital District area from areas currently experiencing the acceleration and spreading phase of the coronavirus

Find more instructions and current recommendations and restrictions for the hospital districts

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Lapland Hospital District

(current information as of 23 December at 12:22)

The COVID-19 situation has worsened throughout the country. The majority of hospital districts have now entered the spreading or accelerating phases of the epidemic. The Lapland Hospital District is still in the baseline phase of the coronavirus. 80% of infections confirmed in the area of the Lapland Hospital District came from outside the hospital district. Everyone in Lapland must follow the safety instructions and take a coronavirus test, even if minor symptoms related to the infection are experienced.

The incidence rate based on the last two weeks (week numbers 50 and 51, 7–20 December) is 29.9 per 100,000 inhabitants.

The incidence rate based on last week (week no. 51, 7–13 December) is 12.8 per 100,000 inhabitants. 

This incidence rate also includes cases of patients who live outside the Lapland Hospital District area. For this reason, the figure can differ from that announced by the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare (THL) that does not count those living outside of Lapland.

The Infection Control Unit would like to thank Laplanders for their responsible behaviour – and reminds people, also during the Christmas holidays, to continue behaving according to the codes of conduct that have been proven to be effective

Anyone experiencing even the slightest of symptoms while in Lapland must take a coronavirus test. Symptoms include cough, sore throat, runny nose, high temperature, changes in smell or taste, and diarrhoea.

Although the coronavirus situation is awkward elsewhere in Finland, it has been possible to keep the situation in the Lapland Hospital District calm. The Infection Control Unit wishes to express its gratitude to Laplanders for their exemplary compliance with safety instructions. Let’s all continue behaving in this exemplary fashion over Christmas holidays and as we head for 2021!

Christmas and New year should only be spent with the family and all personal contact should be minimised. By acting responsibly, we can reduce the risk of infection.

Over recent weeks, several infections confirmed in the Lapland Hospital District have been related to passenger transportation, accommodation, and restaurant/bar sectors. In these areas in particular, good hand hygiene must be practiced; wash your hands often and use hand disinfectant, make sure you adhere to the strong recommendations for the use of a face mask, if safe distancing cannot be maintained.

Mass coronavirus exposures in Santasport’s Puhti restaurant in Rovaniemi during 14–21 December.

Exposure to the coronavirus may have occurred in Rovaniemi, in Santasport’s Puhti restaurant starting from last week Monday (14 December) to this week Monday (21 December). Exposures may have taken place during breakfast, lunch, and dinner servings. If you think you may have been exposed, you should take a coronavirus test, even if you experience the mildest of symptoms. Santasport will otherwise continue to operate normally.

The Infection Control Unit of the Lapland Hospital District recommends that no sports and fitness events crossing the Hospital District boundary be organised during the period 21 December 2020 – 24 January 2021. This recommendation applies to all individual and team sports and fitness events indoors and outdoors. However, this recommendation does not apply to national team events or competitions on the national championship or first division levels.

Number of positive coronavirus tests in the Lapland Hospital District by week

7–13 December (week no. 50): 20 cases

14–20 December (week no. 51): 15 cases

Week 52 (current week): 8 cases (as of 23 December at 12:22)

The total number of cases confirmed in the Lapland Hospital District on the basis of coronavirus tests conducted at testing stations is 396.

Infection Control Unit


Länsi-Pohja Hospital District

(current information as of 22 December at 9:58)

The coronavirus situation in the Länsi-Pohja area is still in the acceleration phase.

The Länsi-Pohja Hospital District recommends celebrating Christmas with the immediate family only – visits to the homes of others should be avoided

Five coronavirus tests have been confirmed this week.

During week no. 51 (14–20 December), 10 coronavirus infections were confirmed in the Länsi-Pohja Hospital District. The number of cases doubled compared to the previous week. Seven of these cases were in Tornio. Among these, there are a number of cases where the source of infection is so far unknown or uncertain.

A total of 815 coronavirus analyses were carried out last week. Most of the samples are examined in Kemi, but non-urgent samples have to be sent to Oulu for examination. For some samples, it may take up to two to three days before the results are received.

Länsi-Pohja and the border area is expected to receive people for Christmas from southern Finland and southern Sweden, where the coronavirus situation is much worse. Coronavirus safety measures (hand hygiene, social distancing, and face mask) and avoiding crowds are now extremely important.

Christmas should only be celebrated with the immediate family and all visits to/from elsewhere must be avoided. The epidemic situation will worsen very quickly, if the instructions are not followed. You can meet senior citizen relatives virtually or at a safe distance while wearing a face mask.

The Länsi-Pohja Regional Pandemic Working Group encourages people to make sure they get enough vitamin D. Vitamin D boosts the immune system. Studies show that there are links between vitamin D deficiency and serious lung infection caused by the coronavirus.

Number of positive coronavirus tests in the Länsi-Pohja Hospital District by week

7–13 December (week no. 50): 5 cases

14–20 December (week no. 51): 10 cases

Week 52 (current week): 5 cases (as of 23 December at 9:09)

The total number of cases confirmed in the Länsi-Pohja Hospital District on the basis of coronavirus tests conducted at testing stations is 336.

Infection Control Unit