Wednesday 28 October 2020

Lapland Hospital District’s coronavirus review

There has been a moderate increase in the number of coronavirus infections in the town of Rovaniemi, but elsewhere in Lapland the situation remains calm. A total of 18 new cases were reported in the Lapland Hospital District during 19–25 October (week no. 43), with another seven cases already this week. The incidence of the epidemic is 23 cases per 100,000 inhabitants over a 14-day period.

New cases are now being recorded daily in the town of Rovaniemi. It has been impossible to identify the source of the infection for the majority of cases that were reported over the past five days. Consequently, if we fail to adhere to the coronavirus safety recommendations, there is a risk that the number of cases will start to rise. It is extremely important to remember that, even with the slightest of coronavirus symptoms, you must not go to school, do not engage in hobbies, take part in public gatherings or meet friends. Instead, please take a coronavirus test and stay at home until you have received the results of the test.

In addition, everyone in the Lapland Hospital District area must continue to adhere to all safety recommendations and instructions that have been issued: make sure you take good care of hand and coughing hygiene, and remember to maintain a safe distance. It is recommended for face masks to be used in all public places and on public transport, if sufficient social distancing cannot be guaranteed.

Infection Control Unit

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Länsi-Pohja Hospital District’s coronavirus review

A total of five new coronavirus cases were reported in the Länsi-Pohja Hospital District area during 19–25 October (week no. 43), and there have been a few days with no new cases at all. Altogether, 767 coronavirus samples were taken during that week.

Fortunately, the use of face masks has become commonplace, which can be one of the reasons why the number of cases has fallen. In relation to the epidemic, the hospital district remains firmly at the basic level.

Those belonging to the risk groups are advised to seek an influenza vaccination.

Infection Control Unit