Lisätty 18.02.2022.

Lapland Hospital District: COVID-19 test criteria change

COVID-19 test criteria change 18 February 2022

The criteria are: patient’s symptoms and need for treatment, protection of groups at risk of serious diseases and safeguarding health care capacity. Medication is available for the COVID-19 infection to reduce the need for hospital care/mortality.

A healthcare professional will assess the need for testing for persons belonging to the following risk groups:

  • Pregnant and symptomatic persons who have given birth less than six (6) weeks earlier
  • Social and health care professionals suffering symptoms
  • The inhabitants/patients of the social and health care unit professionals suffering symptoms
  • Patients to be admitted to wards are screened in emergency units using rapid antigen tests, regardless of the reason for being admitted. PCR verification is taken from an infectious or antigen-positive symptom sufferer.
  • Exposed social and health care workers daily for five (5) days after the last exposure.